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This is by far the best gym I have ever joined. Not only are the staff extremely friendly and personable, you feel comfortable working out. The classes are my favorite part about my membership. The instructors know how to have fun while burning hundreds of calories a class. Boot camp on Thursday night is a great class if you are working for strength. The fun atmosphere makes you forget you are working out and each instructor provides exercises for all levels. I enjoy going to the gym and I never thought I would say that. ;)

-Brooke A, LivRite Noblesville


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LivRite has everything that its competitors does by way of facilities and amenities, but something over and above what its chain competitors have: personality. The place is family owned and run, which shines through in how the place operates. The staff is always incredibly friendly and accommodating. Long story short, if you're looking for a gym that has all of the exercise equipment and facilities you would want in a major gym, but also the personal touch of a small and family owned business, look no further. LivRite is the place for you.

Also, the basketball gym is a little piece of history. Reggie used to practice here!

-Alex G, LivRite Indianapolis

This is the best gym I've ever been to. Great staff, great environment, and great equipment! It's got everything you need for any kind of work out you want. I call myself a hard gainer because if I don't eat constant and work out at least 3 to 4 times a week, I loose everything I gain within weeks. The thing I've noticed about the Hammer Strength equipment is, I can bulk up fast! I not only notice it in the mirror but I notice I get stronger quick too. Also it seems, it's never really crowded. I'm about to jump from weight to weight and machine to machine without waiting in line. I always recommend LivRite to anyone who asks about a good gym to join. Keep up the good work guys!

-Josh S, LivRite Anderson 


I absolutely love this gym! The staff goes out of there way to make your feel comfortable and know you by name. I love the variety of group fitness classes, Lisa will get you in shape and make you laugh while doing it. There are classes for all fitness levels and are at good times for after work classes. The best part about the gym is you never have to wait to use a machine or weight, very unlike other gyms in Broad Ripple. There are several different areas to workout including an upstairs second cardio area and an auxiliary room where you can find just about any workout accessory needed or just space to do your own thing.

Glad to have found a gym that is so personal and makes me happy to go!

-Allie S, LivRite Indianapolis

I absolutely love this gym. Between the extremely informative staff, the classes that are engaging and fun, or the constant strive to better your workout and atmosphere i could not be happier. Ive had memberships at all the local gyms and none make me feel as comfortable or confident as this one.

-Natasha H, LivRite Fairview Heights


So glad I joined!! The pool is a great way to get cardio and the staff is friendly! I like how it's open late and I can come in after dinner. Not always packed with people. Love it! I recommended this gym to family and friends and now 4 of us come here! Excited to reach my goals! Thank you.

-Julie B, LivRite Indianapolis

Its the best gym in Anderson. They have all the latest equipment steam room, exhalation room, and a hot tub. And much more..❤

-Sierra T, LivRite Anderson

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I just ❤️ My new gym! They are very helpful when not sure how to use equipment and they constantly high five you and acknowledge your effort to exercise to get healthier. Go in and see Matt and tell him I sent you!

-Annetter H, LivRite Noblesville

I’ve been a member for almost 2 years at LivRite. Formerly I was a member at one of the big chains. Big difference at LivRite. They have comparable equipment, classes, etc. But I feel far more at home here. Everyone on their team is so welcoming and helpful. They have taken the time to get to know me. The classes are not overcrowded like they are elsewhere, and I feel like I belong. I tend to get a little self-conscious, but I don’t feel that way at LR. Now, I’m working with one of their personal trainers and he has really made the difference in my workouts. Finally…progress! Thanks LivRite!
-Adrienne C, LivRite Indianapolis

Great place to get a workout. Friendly manager, great atmosphere. Not to crowded. Tons of classes. 24 hour access

-Dakota C, LivRite Fairview Heights

Aqua exercise on M-W-F from 8am-11am, on Monday and Wednesday evening @5:30-6:30 pm Women's times, I Love the team. They have child care👍

-Latressa H, LivRite Anderson

I like that I can go here and not feel self-conscious about being overweight. We all have to start somewhere. The equipment is top notch. 

-Zack F, LivRite Noblesville 

Started dedicatedly working out in May for first time in 30 years. I'm in gym 2 times & pool 1 time per week now. The helpfulness & encouragement from the staff has made it better & "easier". I find myself using good moves every day-the Fitness is incredible. Always feel welcomed by staff & members, & it helps motivate me & come out of my shell more. I feel the healthiest in years & expect to keep improving.

-Glenna H, LivRite Indianapolis

Me and my mom love this gym we feel comfortable and not out of place, the people here are so friendly I'm glad we joined.

-Chalice C LivRite Anderson

Love this gym!!!!! Matt is an awesome manager and always has a word of encouragement !!!!! So glad I joined this gym!!!! Fantastic place to be a part of!!! 

-Jennifer W, LivRite Noblesville

I work for Ambu and we get a workplace discount. I worked with Matt and we did a wonderful job showing me the site and helping me get signed up. Wonderfully Clean facility. Absolutely love this place.

-Clark F, LivRite Noblesville


Tried it out for the first time today and I thought it was great. The Zumba instructor was awesome and Anita at the front desk went above and beyond to make me feel welcome.

-Ann S, LivRite Indianapolis

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After researching other gyms in the area extensively, I decided on LivRite and am so happy I did. Besides being the most affordable fully equipped 24 hour gym around, the GM Matt is an extremely amicable guy and takes care of his people. Highly recommend for any level of gym goer.

-Jake L, LivRite Noblesville


Best Gym Ever!

-Meghan W, LivRite Noblesville

LivRite Fitness is the best gym that I have worked out at. The classes (Zumba, Boxing, H.I.T.T., Kickboxing, etc.) are all awesome with great instructors. When you workout at LivRite, you also feel a sense of community. The staff members are incredibly encouraging as well are the other members that workout there. I would highly recommend LivRite to anyone, you won't be disappointed!

-Erin D, LivRite Fairview Heights

At age 45 I have just now started to care about my health and working on weight loss. I have driven past this gym for years without going inside until 3 weeks ago. I am so glad I did. Everyone has been so supportive and friendly. And you can tell that people have forged friendships with other members. I am looking forward to working out and seeing my progress. It's worth every penny.

-Kassie L, LivRite Indianapolis

Great staff, friendly and welcoming environment!

-Jeremiah T, LivRite Noblesville

Great gym. Friendly staff. Clean environment. Glad I made the switch to a smaller gym. Would recommend to anyone in Fishers/Noblesville area.

-Zach H, LivRite Noblesville

The environment here is absolutely amazing, I've been to several different gyms in the area and this one by far has the friendliest and most well knowledgeable employees. Everyone here including the members are here to help each other and exchange advice and create friendships. Also, Brian is the best boxing coach around here!

-Jacob B, LivRite Fairview Heights

I love LivRite just switched there a couple weeks ago from LA fitness. The gym has sucha great atmosphere and the staff are wonderful! Its a Christian run gym and you can tell by how they treat everyone. Its a small gym but its never crowded and theres everything you need!

-Rose E, LivRite Noblesville

Love LivRite Indy! I can't even explain how much this place has helped me! Great staff and members- Come join me!

-Denise R, LivRite Indianapolis

The staff is INCREDIBLY nice and welcoming! I felt very comfortable and confident working out in LivRite. I love the 24 hour access and even though it's small, no one has to wait to use any machines, as it's not very busy. I feel this gym is much more private and very affordable (especially for students!!). The gym is spotless clean and the locker rooms are perfect. I do not regret joining LivRite for a second! Thank you guys for making my first workout enjoyable, I will be back again and again!

-Becca L, LivRite Noblesville

I have been a member for 2 and a half years this place probably saved my life. I am 44 years old. I had high blood pressure close to diabetes and said enough is enough. Joined livRite now I am down 135 lbs and am probably physically in the best shape of my life. No high blood pressure no more . Have made alot of new friends including the staff wonderful people. Thanks LivRite. Dan, Stephanie, Greg, Chris, and Christie.  You guys are wonderful people. Thank you for making this a wonderful experience.

-Rick O, LivRite Anderson

LivRite is awesome! The management only makes this place better, Mike is awesome and a wonderful motivation, he makes you feel at home, he's a great asset to this gym!! If you're looking for a new gym look no further, stop on in and sign up!

-April M, LivRite Fairview Heights



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