how to get stronger with a personal trainer


How to get stronger with a personal trainer

Wondering how to get stronger? Whether you are a strength training beginner, returning after some time off, or have stopped seeing results in your current routine, a personal trainer can help you achieve your goals.


Personalized Strength Training Workout.

There isn’t just one perfect strength training program for everyone. We are all unique with our own current fitness level, injuries and goals. Your trainer will create a workout plan specifically for you. For example, workouts will look different if you want to work on muscular endurance vs. muscular strength. Or, if you have a knee injury, your trainer won’t include exercises that would exacerbate the issue. Your trainer will create your resistance training plan based on you, what you are looking to achieve and will help you get there.


Challenging (but safe) Workouts.

Your personal trainer will know when to push you while keeping you safe from injury. Working with a trainer will teach you the proper form for the exercises you are performing which will help prevent injuries. Also, your trainer will progress your weight training program effectively and when it is right for you. This will keep you progressing and hitting your goal before you know it.



Some days it is tempting to skip the gym. Knowing you have a scheduled session, and that your trainer is waiting for you, will get you there even when motivation doesn’t.


Realistic Goals.

A personal trainer can help set a realistic timeline to achieve results. Unfortunately, many exercisers quit their program before its effectiveness is proven. By setting expectations, you and your trainer can see yourself through the full program and see the full potential.


Working with a personal trainer can be really helpful if your goal is to gain strength. By consistently working on your personalized strength training program you will see significant results!


Looking for help with your workouts? Our trainers would love to work with you and help you reach your goal.