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“Our leadership committed the plans of LivRite International, Inc. to Jesus Christ. With amazing testimony, LivRite was led to begin helping people in Belleville, Illinois. A wholesome atmosphere has been created where members really feel they belong! LivRite’s affiliation with OneCrown Ministries will encourage members not only with their fitness programs, but in their daily walk through life’s challenges.

The Vision of LivRite became clear by doing it in Belleville. We are committed to helping people LivRite. We need to be prepared for continuous growth, simply because there are a lot of people who need to be given a helping hand. Through leaders, staff and members, LivRite International, Inc. and OneCrown Ministries learned how to begin working together to help people.

The concept has been well received. We believe this FOUNDATION is Rock solid. The LivRite VISION is clear. We help people…LivRite.”

Greg Lymberopoulos
LivRite International, Inc.

If you are interested in ways to get involved or have a LivRite Fitness in your community please e-mail for more information.