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Christian Workout Music Playlist

Posted by Admin on Jan 12, 2019 11:32:15 AM

Christian Workout music

Looking for great upbeat Christian workout music?  Sometimes it can seem overwhelming to find the right music or create the right playlist,  but with apps like Apple music and Spotify it's never been easier to make playlists featuring upbeat christian workout songs. We had a lot of fun putting this playlist together, and finding music that motivates you for running or working out and really helps push you when your workout starts getting harder and you need to stay mentally strong to finish! The tempo and the beats are great, but even more some of the messages in these songs are exactly what you may need to hear to keep your workouts going, they sing about overcoming obstacles and doing hard things and keeping faith. They are really motivational songs that can help you stay the course and keep moving forward.

The following list is our top 8 christian workouts songs with great beats to listen to during your next workout.  If you click on the song title you can listen on YouTube and if you  Click here you can listen to this playlist on Spotify  

8. Start Over (Flame feat. NF)

7. The Gospel (Bizzle)

6. Build Your Kingdom Here (The Rend Collective)

5.  I'm Turnt (Lecrae)

4. Feel Invincible (Skillet)

3.  Ooh  ahh (Grits feat. Toby Mac)

2. God's Not Dead (Newsboys)

1. Coming in hot (Andy Mineo ft. Lecrae)

We really enjoy this playlist, what do you think of about it?  Are some of these songs in your workout mix or do you have any Christian songs you would recommend we add to our playlist? We hope you found it helpful to have a playlist of clean, upbeat faith-filled music. Let us know on Facebook.  

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