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Wall Sits

Posted by Katie Frissell on Apr 29, 2019 10:12:54 AM
Katie Frissell

Wall sits are one of my favorite exercises. Not only because they are a great isometric exercise that work a lot of muscles, but you can do them pretty much anywhere. 

All you need is a wall and some motivation!  Check out the instructional video below for proper form. 


Wall Sits Instructions:

  1. Stand with your back pressing against a wall 
  2. Slide down into a squat position by moving your feet forward until your knees make a 90-degree angle and your hamstrings are parallel to the floor 
  3. Complete 3-4 sets of 20 seconds, 1min, or as long as you can! 

MuscleS worked

  • glutes
  • calves
  • quadriceps
  • calves
  • adductor muscles


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