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Single-Leg Dumbbell Deadlift

Posted by Katie Frissell on Sep 26, 2018 8:41:00 AM
Katie Frissell

Single-Leg Dumbbell Deadlift


The single-leg dumbbell deadlift is a full body, multi-joint movement that helps increases total body strength, more specifically in the hamstrings, glutes, lower back, and shoulders. Performing the exercise on one leg also ensures muscular balance on both sides of the body while actively engaging the core.

Step 1: Stand tall with a dumbbell in each hand and palms facing toward your thighs.

Step 2: Lift one leg off the ground while keeping a slight bend in your supporting leg. This is your starting position.

Step 3: Lean forward at your hips while simultaneously raising your free leg backwards.

Step 4: Keeping the dumbbells close to your shins, lower the weights until your back and free leg become almost parallel with the ground.

Step 5: Pause and reverse the movement back to the starting position.

Step 6: Repeat for 3-4 sets of 10-12 repetitions



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