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Preacher Curl

Posted by Katie Frissell on Feb 5, 2018 5:40:15 PM
Katie Frissell





Step 1: With a dumbbell in hand, position yourself on a preacher bench so that you are sitting with your chest against the chest pad and your arm on top of the arm pad, elbow bent and the dumbbell toward your shoulder, palm facing in.

Step 2: Inhaling, completely lower the dumbbell until your elbow is nearly extended.

Step 3: Exhaling, slowly raise the dumbbell back toward your shoulder.

Step 4: Squeeze the bicep as you hold the position for a couple of counts.

Step 5: Repeat for a full set and then switch sides. Do 3-4 sets hitting around 10-12 reps. If you are using heavier weight do 3-4 sets hitting around 4-8 repetitions.



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