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Lateral Step ups Shuffle

Posted by Katie Frissell on Apr 15, 2019 3:02:40 PM
Katie Frissell

Lateral Step Ups Shuffle

Sorry Bears fans it's probably not as much fun as the Super Bowl shuffle, but the lateral step ups shuffle is a GREAT cardio move that will build muscle in your lower half.  This move is perfect to add to your HIIT workout days or as a way to get your heart rate up on leg days.   

  1. This movement is faster than just your normal step up 
  2. Use a step, chair, or bench that enables your knee to bend 90 degrees when you step on it. 
  3. Get low and place one foot onto the bench or chair. 
  4. Shuffle your feet on and off the bench moving at a fast pace
  5. Complete three to four sets of 12-30 steps 

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