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Hanging Knee Raises

Posted by Katie Frissell on Sep 25, 2018 5:40:21 PM
Katie Frissell

Hanging Knee Raises


The hanging knee raise is a core strengthening exercise that targets the lower abdominals, hip flexors, and lower back. This exercise will also increase stability in the upper back and shoulders.

Step 1: Dead hang from a pull-up bar or Roman chair with a grip that's comfortable, with your arms and legs fully extended, and feet off the ground.

Step 2:Raise your knees up into one side, going about 90 degrees at the hip. Avoid any swinging, performing the exercise with control.

Step 3: Return to the starting position and then perform the movement to the other side. Continue alternating until the set in complete.

Step 4: Repeat as many times as you can.


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