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Building Blocks of a Life

Posted by Mark Winebrenner on Oct 3, 2019 2:19:38 PM
Mark Winebrenner

Building Blocks 2


As a child my grandparents would often vacation with us and one summer we went to Daytona Florida. Back in the 70’s you could drive automobiles on the beach and when we sat back far enough, the traffic passed between us and the ocean. 


My grandpa loved to sit on the beach and look through binoculars at the activities on the sand and in the water. (We all knew who he REALLY was watching.)


When cars would pass within Grandpa’s line of sight, he would pull his feet back.  Even though the cars where several yards away, through his binoculars they were going to run over him!


According to Webster, “Perspective” is defined as “A glass through which objects are viewed”.


A perspective is a filter on how we see our lives and the world, it affects our attitude and even influences how we order our days.  


Lester Sumrall started and pastored several churches, including growing a church in the Philippines to 24,000 members. He was the founder of World Harvest Bible College, World Harvest Radio International and a Christian magazine. He also acquired television stations that are now known as LeSEA Broadcasting and many consider him the “father of Christian television”.


During the latter part of his life, Lester said “I have never done anything great for God. I just do something for Him every day.”


I think Mr. Sumrall had a “today” perspective.


Each day is a building block for your life. Where you are now did not suddenly happen.  The sum of your days thus far equals the life you are currently living and the impact you are making in the lives of others. 


I love the image from Psalm 95:7: “For He is our God. We are the people He watches over, the flock under His care.”

A good shepherd is never absent. He is constantly providing.


“And God will generously provide all you need. Then you will always have everything you need and plenty left over to share with others.”

(2 Corinthians 9:8)


A good shepherd is always instructing.


 “I am teaching you today-yes, you- so you will trust in the Lord.”

(Proverbs 22:19)


A good shepherd is always protecting.


 “Fear of the Lord leads to life, bringing security and protection from harm.” (Proverbs 19:23)


I think many of us fall for the trap of building our lives in blocks of weeks, months and even years, which can cause us to take our eyes off the possibilities of today.


Just as Jesus is the Lord of today, I want to encourage you to have a “today” perspective. Today, you can realize God’s presence in your life. Today, you can draw closer to Him. Today He can be your shepherd. Today you can do something for God by being a blessing to others.


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