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Box Jumps

Posted by Katie Frissell on Sep 25, 2018 5:52:09 PM
Katie Frissell

Box Jumps

If you're new to box jumps, start off nice and easy, practicing stepping onto the box at first and then moving up to jumping. At the beginning, choose a low box that's under 12 inches high. You could even stack a few plates and jump on those as you progress. As you become more comfortable, you can build up to an 18-inch box, a 20-inch box, and maybe even a 24-inch box, depending on your jumping abilities and how tall you are.

Step 1: Stand with your feet slightly wider than hips-width distance apart in front of a sturdy box.

Step 2: Bend your knees and swing your arms back.

Step 3: Jump onto the top of the box with both feet at the same time, swinging the arms forward to give you a little momentum.

Step 4: Once you land, stand up until your legs are straight and drive your hips forward.

Step 5: Step one foot at a time back to the floor or jump down softly with both feet.

Step 6: This counts as one rep.

Step 7: Complete three sets of 10 to 20 box jumps.



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