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5 Tips To Make it Easier to Work Out in The Morning

Posted by Jill Derryberry on Aug 16, 2018 4:50:00 PM
Jill Derryberry
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Morning Workouts


There are many benefits to morning exercise. The gym is less crowded, you’ll have more free time in the evening (and be less likely to cancel due to after work plans), plus you’ll be more focused and have more energy the rest of the day. One study suggests it will help you better manage cravings and eat healthier throughout the rest of the day.

It can be tough to wake up early enough to get that workout in before work or school. Not everyone is a natural born early riser but there are ways to make it a little easier to make a morning exercise habit.

1. Get enough sleep- Experts recommend 7-8 hours of sleep each night. Have a good bedtime routine to get to sleep as early as you need to in order to get adequate rest. Limit cell phone, computer, and TV use before you go to sleep so the blue light they emit doesn’t affect your slumber. If you are properly rested, it is easier to get up for that early workout.

2. Get everything ready the night before– The less you have to think about after the alarm goes off, the better. Set out your clothes the night before (or sleep in your workout clothes). Set a quick light breakfast and full water bottle out to take with you to the gym. Make it as easy as possible to start that workout (plus you can sleep longer!).

3. Get something to look forward to– Excitement will help you get up and at ‘em. It can be something simple like a new playlist or podcast to listen to during your walk, run or strength training. Find a group class that you really enjoy, or look forward to talking with a friend that you are meeting to exercise together.

4. Get a workout buddy– You will be much less likely to sleep in and skip that workout if someone is waiting for you. Plus socializing with that friend will make your workout more enjoyable (see #3).

5. Get an Intention– If you are going to wake up early to work out, giving yourself a good reason to do it could make it feel a little easier. Think about why you are making this choice. For example, “I’m waking up early to exercise so I can come right home after work and spend more time with my kids.” Or “I want to get my workout done early so I will feel better throughout the day and be more focused for work.” Or “I’m getting my workout done for the day now before life gets in the way and I am tempted to cancel.” Make sure you know your why and write it down. Go back and read your intention whenever you need motivation to get up and workout when that alarm goes off.

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