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Become a Workout Warrior: 5 Steps to Get the Best out of your Fitness Program



1. Change Your Thinking: The Power of Yet!

If you want to become a workout warrior, then you need to start with having the right mentality.  Staying positive is something we all should strive for.  So many times we hear people say “I can’t do this or I can’t do that”.  Rather than saying I can’t, say I can’t do ____________ yet.  Adding the yet to the end is powerful!  It reminds you that you are a work in progress and nothing is out of reach.  Always remember that the little sacrifices you make now will go a long way towards being where you want to be in the future.

Workout Warrior 1

You hear of the person who was told they would never walk again, and they walk a year later.   If they believed those saying “you can’t”, then they would never try.  Our trainer Stephanie Hartley from Anderson remembers saying to herself “I can’t run a 5K”.  After a change in thinking she began saying “I can’t run a 5K yet!!.” This positive thinking style led to more disciplined training  and she just finished her 3rd mini marathon last May.   Now she says, “I can’t run a full marathon YET!!”  It takes hard work and perseverance, but you CAN.  Maybe not yet, but you can!

2.  Make Some Goals

Make realistic, attainable goals. Start out slowly and do not set yourself up for failure by expecting miracles overnight.  At the beginning, try weekly goals that will take small steps in the right direction, like “I will increase my cardio from 30 minutes to 45 minutes this week.” Getting fit takes time but with commitment, you will reach your goals and when you do it will be a great thing!

Workout Warrior 2



3. Grab a Buddy

Having someone to workout with can make things a bit more interesting.  On those days when you don’t feel like hitting the gym, a friend can get you up off the couch and headed in the right direction.  On their down days, you can do the same. Buddy training adds a bit of competition too!  Set goals and see who can get there first!


Workout Warrior 3


4. Plan Ahead

Grab your calendar off the wall or pull out your daily planner and schedule dates with… YOURSELF! These will be your scheduled workout times and you must consider them non-negotiable. Consider your workout part of your daily schedule, not something you will “fit in” if you have time. We can all make up a perfect excuse as to how we don’t have time to workout or how we just don’t feel well enough to make it in today… There are no excuses worth using.  Your workouts aren’t just about how you can look and feel today… they are about how you’ll look and feel for a lifetime! .

Make your plan fit your life…  Don’t make up rules and schedules for yourself that make no sense.  Don’t plan to be at the gym at 6am each day, knowing that you’ve never been up before seven in your life.  And don’t say you’re going to be at the gym every single day, knowing that your work and home life schedules only allow for four.  Know what is realistic for you and set goals that will be accessible.  Just don’t make excuses!


5. Track Your Progress

When you start a new fitness program, chart your Measurements, Body Fat, and Workout Routines.  Ask  one of our certified personal trainers for help.   After six weeks or so, have everything re-evaluated to see where you’re heading.  You can tweak your program or change it up to ensure that you don’t get bored.  Don’t spend every day staring down between your feet at a bathroom scale!! You’ll drive yourself silly.  Your body weight will fluctuate as you increase your muscle and decrease your body fat.  Watching constantly won’t make it go away any faster!  Follow these 5 steps and you will begin seeing some great results!

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